11,568 LEDs in a 78” x 42” cylinder

Follow is a 78” tall, 42” diameter cylinder with 11,568 LEDs. 30 ultrasonic sensors are installed around the cylinder as well. When a person passes by, he/she is detected and a randomly-chosen picture is displayed that follows them as they walk around the cylinder. If he/she moves in, the picture gets larger. If he/she moves out, it gets smaller, facing completely away when he/she walks away.

Follow was built for the 2016 Market Street Prototyping Festival in San Francisco. It was installed on a corner with particularly odd angles where Market, O’Farrell, and Grant Streets intersect. Pedestrians passed at all kinds of angles and trajectories, making for an interesting display.

The computer program that controls the piece is LED Lab an iPad app that allows any image or video file to be used in creating animations. (City/country-specific imagery can be integrated into the performance.) This app is available on the Apple iTunes Store.